2020 Bfit Challenge- The 100 Club of Massachusetts

We covered the Bfit Challenge this past Sunday for the 3rd year in a row the 100 Club of Massachusetts. This event, put on by the Bruins Foundation supports the first responders of New England.

The theme of this year’s event was “I climb for…” so we worked with the 100 Club to bring photos of the fallen first responders that they’ve supported. We then had their friends and family hold their photo while they said who they run for. The combo worked out well to bring the stories to a more personal level.

Since this video is event based we wanted to get it out asap after the event, so we were able to turn it around within a couple day, so they could release it on their social channels while the event was still fresh on everyones minds.

As with every project we do with the 100 Club, I was taken back with the stories the survivor families shared and always come away with a renewed appreciation for our first responders, who put their lives on the line every day.