O'Connor and Highland- 83 Greene Street

We teamed up with O'Connor and Highland for another marketing project after working with them on their Walking the Dog series, a Millennium Tower lifestyle video, and covering their live event, Cooking in the Clouds.

This video highlights one of their properties, 83 Green Street in Quincy, MA.

This property was nicely situated between the beach, the train and the local elementary school. To showcase this we did a 1 take drone shot that starts off on the house where our 3 family members are heading off to each of those destinations. As the drone ascends high into the sky we pan to see the distances to the 3 locations.

What sets O'Connor and Highland apart in terms of real estate marketing is, without a doubt, their creativity. This video provides the same information found in a typical real estate listing, but it does so in a way that catches the audience's attention.

In a saturated market, using video to add creativity to your marketing campaign can set you apart from the competition. This holds true for any industry.