Analog Devices - Trade Sizzle Reel

Analog Devices is multinational semiconductor company based in Norwood, MA. Over the last 2 weeks, they had booths at 2 trade shows in Boston, IMS and LiveWorx, both at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. They wanted to show their presence at these events on social media as well as at a Board Meeting the day after the Liveworx event, so they reached out to us.

Aside from the actual shows, Analog purchased some billboard advertising around the city leading up to the event. They not only wanted to show their presence at the events themselves, but their mark on the city leading up. We went out and captured photos and videos of the advertisements the day before each event to work into the final piece.

For each event, Colin shot broll from their booth and of the general event while I captured some time lapses and cut together same day edit sizzle reels. I really enjoy same day edits, they’re a challenge, but they’re also a rush which is fun. I cut together a short and long version of each event and worked in a few rounds of feedback right on the spot. We walked out of each event with 2 completed pieces of content and Analog Devices had pieces to post on their social media channels while the event was still going on.