Boston Red Sox Commercial- Now What?

Aside from path8, I work part time on the video production team for the Boston Red Sox. Every season the Red Sox put together a commercial, that they call the Anthem Spot. This commercial comes out before opening day and is always a piece that really pumps you up for the season. I edited on the Anthem spot in 2016- Two Words.

This year the team opened on the road with an 11 game road trip so we put together two anthem spots. Champs was released for the official opening day, and we put together Now What? for the home opener. Working on any commercial for the Red Sox is an honor and fun project but this one was even more special because I came up with the initial idea.

I was on a run home from the gym one morning in January wearing my Damage Done sweat shirt, which was a play on the postseason slogan of “Do Damage”. I thought it would be a cool visual, a jogger wearing that sweatshirt in the dreary winter months. It represented all of the excitement and joy of winning the World Series, but in an environment that was so past it- the celebration is over, we moved on, so…now what?

I immediately wrote out the initial script as soon as I got home and brought it up to our Production team and Marketing team who liked the concept. We worked internally and with the agency, CTP to really get the script to a great position and turned that idea into reality.

Shooting the running and kids playing scenes were one of my favorite parts of the project. We shot the running piece all around the city, but the shots we ended up using were 2 of the first we shot. Myself and 2 of my co-workers, Kellan Reck and Victor Martinez started out early one morning across the Charles River in Cambridge, which has a great view of the city. Victor was the “runner” and we got some real nice shots of him running along the river as the sun came up behind the skyline. These paired well with the shots of the kids playing catch that we shot in the city later that day.

I was super happy with how everything came tougher. These spots are great to work on, not just because of the content, but it’s such a great team effort. So many people give their thoughts and effort into the 90 seconds that it really elevates the piece above the other regular projects.

One of the best parts of the experience for me was going to Finish Boston and Soundtrack for the final color/sound mix. Seeing the colorist and audio engineer at work fine tuning the color and sound to make it perfect was amazing.