Care Runs Deep Compliation

In our blog post a few weeks ago we talked about MatrixCare being part of our subscription program. Because of this we’re able to create a lot of extra content for them from our shoots. Before our last shoot their marketing team came up with an idea for a “Care Runs Deep” campaign.

They noticed that a majority of their employees as well as their customers had a strong reason for getting into the health care field, an origin story of sorts. Whether it was seeing their grandparents in a long term care facility as a child, having a family member in the field or it just being in their nature, there was a reason.

We asked everyone we interviewed on these shoots for their story and we got some great answers. These answers hit home especially now with how important our medical professionals are to the safety of everyone leading the fight against COVID-19. Because of this we tweaked the original message a little bit to include an extra thank you.