Clinical Peer Support Training Collaborative: COVID-19

We had worked with the Northeastern University School of Nursing team last year, covering an in-person workshop. Recently, they teamed up with Partners Healthcare and HHS on a Peer Support Webinar regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. This webinar covered information on how healthcare workers can help each other during this time.

This webinar was obviously a little different than their past event because it took place fully online. We worked with their team to advise a virtual webinar program. They recorded the event, which included over 100 participants from around the country on Zoom Webinar.

They sent us the footage and we broke down each individual presentation, dressing them up with some branding and we also created this highlight video.

Typically in these recap videos, we’ll include some great b-roll we captured during the event, but with this being online we had to get creative. We decided on highlighting the text with a clean bold look. I think this really worked out well as a way for the important message they’re getting across to pop.