Closed Captions for your videos

Our goal with any project is to give our clients the biggest impact from the videos we produce. We’re always thinking of ways to increase this impact. In line with that we are now going to include close captions with all of the videos we produce. Not only are we going to include them in the ones going forward, but we’re going to reach out to past projects and add them if the client would like! We’re doing this because it’s important.

Why are close captions important on video content?

Captions make your content more accessible to everyone, including the 20% of Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing. According to 3PlayMedia, 71% of people with disabilities leave a website immediately if it is not accessible.

Viewer Experience
Most of the video content we consume is on our phones. We’re typically watching our phones without sound or in noisy environments where we can’t listen to the content. In fact, according to DigiDay, since facebook defaulted to sound off rather than on, 85% of video views on happen with the sound off.

Our goal is to produce content that is compelling enough to switch the sound on, but people swipe through at such a rate that reading the first few lines on caption could be enough to get them to stop and watch. According to Captions grab and hold your audience’s attention, people are more likely to watch your video to completion if they have the option to turn captions on.

According to Cielo 80% more people watch video to completion vs 40% for videos without.

Search engines can’t read video, but they can read text. Adding captions will help you rank on google and gain more views on YouTube.

Captioning provides another layer to the information your viewers are taking in. It helps comprehension, especially when people aren’t speaking clearly, technical or slang terms are used or dialects are different.

We’ll deliver all of our videos with a clean version, burnt in captioned version and a side cart file that can be uploaded to sites like YouTube and allow viewers to turn captions on/off. We’re doing this to help you reach more of your audience, don’t let your powerful messages be silenced, we’ll take care of it!