Cooking in the Clouds

We teamed up with O'Connor & Highland to produce a live cooking show, Cooking in the Clouds, to celebrate their sale in the Millennium Tower.

We had previously worked with them to promote the listing and showcase the property by creating a lifestyle video, so this was a cool continuation of that marketing campaign.

This was a really fun virtual event. About 50 attendees were delivered ingredients for the meal ahead of time and Chef David Yusefzadeh from Cloud Creamery led this virtual 2-hour cooking class.

We covered the event with 3 cameras and produced the facebook livestream in real time incorporating angle changes, live graphics and ads into the presentation.

It was a huge success. The 50 attendees stayed on for the entire livestream while they were cooking along at home. Chef David Yusefzadeh taught the class a ton of professional techniques and everyone had fun preparing the delicious 3 course meal.

After the event, we edited down the content into a sizzle reel and another short highlight video for O'Connor & Highland to share on social media.

Live events are a great marketing tool and you can get fun, creative and interactive with them. We've obviously seen a huge increase in events like these during Covid, but with the connivence of events like Cooking in the Clouds, we image they are here to stay!