ePropertyCare Customer Testimonials

We worked with ePropertyCare on these customer testimonial videos along with a company About Us video over the course of a half-day shoot.

We spent time interviewing Mike Stuchins; and Jennifer Tamarkin and Jason Korb from Capstone Communities about ePropertyCare. These customer testimonial videos provided awesome insight into how ePropertyCare has improved their experience in property management.

These videos highlight all of the advantages of upgrading to this tremendous product, straight from the consumer. ePropertyCare provides a modern, easy to use product that simplifies the renting experience and eliminates all of the stress and hassle that comes during tenant turnovers.

No more keys when you make the switch to ePropertyCare. More importantly, no more lost keys! A sigh of relief for property managers and locked out tenants alike!

These testimonial videos are an exciting way to spend quality face time with some of your best customers and the people who believe in your product most. These shoots will strengthen relationships with your existing customers while also promoting and marketing your product to countless potential new customers.

We had a great time working with ePropertyCare and these customer testimonial videos will definitely help spread the word about this amazing product.