Folia Health Company Video

Folia is an app where people can track their health trends. The thinking behind it is you might have small incidents like headaches every now and then, but by the time you get to your doctor for your yearly visit you don’t remember all of the these events . By tracking these events as they occur you’ll have a data set of symptoms that doctors can use to better track your health.

They reached out to us as they were getting ready to launch their Data Dividends program. In collecting all of this health data, Folia gives their users the option to anonymously contribute their data for research purposes. The Data Dividends program gives their users a share of the profits if Folia ends up selling any of the data.

In launching this program they were revamping their website and wanted a video that explained Folia as a company as well as this program.

Folia had an interesting backstory where the founders are really personally vested in the work. We were even able to film with one of the Co-Founder’s, Dan’s family. Stories like this really make for great videos and bring a personal side to the business and bring the viewer in on a deeper level.