Folia Health: HERO-2 Study

Folia Health is an innovative company working to solve the disconnect between the way we measure and treat complex diseases and the everyday experiences of people who live with them. How can you use everyday patient insights to improve our understanding of disease and outcomes for patients?

Any patient or family caregiver can use Folia to track their health on their phone or computer. Their recently-launched HERO-2 study is a collaboration with the Indiana University School of Medicine and funded by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

The goal of HERO-2 is to understand how Trikafta impacts the everyday health of individuals with CF, as well as the withdrawal of other treatments. The unique app-based approach collects novel insights without requiring participants to be physically present in the clinic during a time of heightened infection risk and enables individuals to capture the details that are most important to them.

We collaborated with Folia to create video content to promote this new study format, particularly to reach people who have never participated in a research study.

We began by conducting remote interviews with four patient advocates who were involved in the study. We used these interviews alongside animation to explain the study design and communicate inclusion criteria.

This video lives on the enrollment page of the HERO-2 website and is an engaging way to generate interest among potential volunteers without having to read through paragraphs of text.

We also turned the interviews into four short testimonials to share on social media and run as Facebook ads.

The ad campaign was a success. Folia shared the positive results with us along with a nice review.

  • The ad reached 92% of the interest-based audience.

  • 5% of this audience clicked on the ad, exceeding the industry average.

  • The 5% click-through rate, along with the cost per click, indicates the creative was very effective for this audience.

  • The team enrolled >50 people in the first few weeks of the study, exceeding enrollment targets.

Foundational to Folia Health is the belief that the patient’s story is the most important type of medical data - we just need to capture it in a format that is usable by researchers and drug developers. path8 Productions brings their strength as storytellers to elevate these patient stories. Not only is their work compelling, but it captures the agency of patients and caregivers.

Christina Samaha, Head of Growth

It's always great to receive feedback from our clients that videos helped drive engagement and ultimately brought them closer to their goal.