IHAQ- Brian Feroldi: How do you Grow your YouTube Audience?

For today's episode of #IHAQ, we welcomed financial expert, Brian Feroldi, to share his advice on building a strong YouTube audience. Brian has an excellent and fast-growing YouTube channel where he teaches people how to master their personal finances, think long-term, and invest better.

Brian's key to success is consistency. YouTube is looking for creators who take advantage of the platform and post consistent content. The algorithm tends to treat those who post regularly better than those who do not.

Next, Brian brings up an important but often overlooked aspect of posting on YouTube, a video's thumbnail. Spending time creating a thumbnail that pops on screen, represents your video, and draws clicks is well worth the investment.

And lastly, YouTube is a search engine. It's the second biggest search engine in the world. Understanding and implementing search engine optimization tactics is the key to discovering search intent and drawing in organic traffic.

There are many plugins and tools available to help with SEO. We use a combination of vidIQ and Ahrefs. Ahrefs has an awesome YouTube channel that teaches basic SEO concepts in only a few hours for those looking to take the next step with their YouTube content.