I Have a Question for- Judi McLaughlin: SEO

I'm excited to launch a new weekly series on LinkedIn, "I Have a Question for ______". Which leads to the very catchy acronym IHA?

Every week I'll be posting a question from my interviews with various guests relating to marketing, video production, business, life, and everything in between.

For this inaugural episode, I was lucky to have Judi McLaughlin as a guest to talk about #SEO. Judi is a Business Storyteller and Copywriter, an important asset to any business's marketing plan.

Watch as Judi discusses the importance of SEO and some ways to make an impact with your marketing without ranking on the top page of Google.

Judi will be back in future episodes as well as other guests. Comment with any questions you'd like me to ask in the future and suggest any other guests you'd like to see on the show!