I Have a Question For- Laura Sauter: Building a Strong Brand

On this episode of #IHAQ, we had Laura Sauter on from AgencyBel to give us some advice on her area of expertise: building strong brands.

Brands exist because they are the answer to a need and successful brands are clear that they understand that need, can relate to their customers who have the need and can solve that need successfully.

Strong brands also relate to their customer base on a personal and emotional level. They are able to become their target market, not just speak to them. This connection and understanding helps build loyalty and trust, which is what every brand strives for.

Video marketing has been so impactful in terms of helping companies/services/products define their brand, show their message to the world and begin to build those strong, impactful relationships with their customer base. It's something we help our clients with all the time and the fastest growing medium in digital marketing.