I Have a Question For- Sidney Baptista: Social Media Engagement

On this episode of #IHAQ we talked to entrepreneur Sidney Baptista about which of his social media posts have garnered the most engagement from his followers.

Sidney told an awesome story about how he shared an Instagram video with his reaction to being featured in a Runner's World article that spotlighted his PIONEERS Run Crew. Sidney shared his experience of going through a bout of anxiety before he found out he was going to be featured in Runner's World. He shared with his followers his story about having a good day, but it not starting off that way.

This issue is so relatable to so many people and it just isn't talked about or shared that often. Sidney found that sharing a relatable experience drove a ton of social media engagement and helped some people out as well.

Social media followers want to see content they can relate to and video is a great way to share real experiences and drive engagement across all of your platforms.