IHAQ- Clemencia Herrera: Building a Podcast Audience

Today on #IHAQ, we welcomed back Clemencia Herrera, founder of Moira Studio and host of LatinXYZ, to talk about building a podcast audience.

Clemencia promotes her podcast on all of her social media, email, and by running targeted ads.

But she also makes sure to use another effective, but sometimes overlooked, marketing strategy, word of mouth.

Clemencia talks about her podcast to everyone and anyone who will listen and uses her pre-existing relationships to support her new project.

Not every company has or needs thousands upon thousands of followers on social media. Most businesses are local, and most of their clients come from networking, referrals, and personal or professional relationships.

Don't be afraid to promote your new content to anyone who will listen. It's nice to grow organically, but word of mouth is an essential marketing strategy for any small business.