IHAQ- Clemencia Herrera: LatinXYZ

On today's #IHAQ, we spoke to Clemencia Herrera about her new podcast, LatinXYZ.

Clemencia Herrera and Cecilia del Cid, two latinas in the political advertising and social justice space, navigate the choppy waters US politics and the Latinx community are currently in. With an intimate and “ocurrente” style they spill the tea on the culture, life and socioeconomic issues that have been in the blind spot for too long.

Clemencia talked about the choppy relationship between Latinos and political campaigns.

Latinos account for nearly 20% of the US population but are severely underrepresented in politics. Despite accounting for 1/5 of the population, Latinos have a political representation rate of 1.2% in local, state, and federal elected offices.

LatinXYZ dives into what political strategies campaigns need to adopt to engage Latinx voters because, as Clemencia puts it

pretty soon we're going to be 1/4 of the population and we're up for grabs.