IHAQ- Clemencia Herrera: Marketing & Political Campaigns

In this episode of #IHAQ, we spoke to Clemencia Herrera, founder of Moira Studio and host of LatinXYZ, about what role marketing plays in political campaigns.

As viewers are aware, due to the excess of political ads during election season, Clemencia confirms that marketing plays a huge role in political campaigns.

But it is even more important than the general audience thinks. Clemencia believes that marketing efforts make up a staggering 90% of a political campaign. There are only so many meet and greets, rallies, debates, and canvasing that a candidate can attend, so the marketing campaign behind the politician is the true make or break for any political campaign.

So how can a candidate and their team successfully market themselves to their constituency?

It's really no different than how a company markets its product/services. Hone in on a message that interests your audience, and let them know what that message is through marketing.

A message is all a politician has to offer their potential voters, and defining and spreading that message is the most important aspect of any political campaign.