IHAQ- Clemencia Herrera: Political Marketing Strategies

Today on #IHAQ, we welcomed back Clemencia Herrera, founder of Moira Studio and host of LatinXYZ, to discuss different political marketing strategies and platforms.

Clemencia spoke about the traditional avenues political campaigns use to spread their message: TV, mail, and door hangers.

Political marketing has recently become more challenging. Attention spans have gotten shorter.

What has changed in the last decade is the whole array of social media being used by politicians, depending on their target audience.

Sometimes you only have 6 seconds to get your point across. It's important to have your core message dialed into one sentence.

This is crucial for any type of marketing. Be able to describe what you do and the problem you solve in a single sentence. It's a cool exercise and one that is extremely valuable when you're working with time constraints.