IHAQ- Freddie Tressler: What Lessons Learned from Virtual Events will be taken to Live Events?

For our pre-Thanksgiving episode of IHAQ, we welcomed Freddie Tressler from TRACS, a sports marketing and event management firm, to ask him what lessons learned from virtual events will be taken into live, in-person events.

Freddie talked about the new user engagement being the aspect of virtual events he's most excited about bringing to live events in the future.

During COVID, there was a tremendous spike in demand in the running industry as people had to find new ways to stay healthy and work on their self-help.

Now there is a whole new influx of runners, walkers, and cyclists looking to build on their experiences in virtual events and participate in live events for the first time.

Most may have thought it would be the technology from virtual events brought into live events, but it's actually the people and the user engagement making the biggest impact with the return of live events.