IHAQ- Jason Highland: Driving Emotion through Marketing

We've worked with O'Connor and Highland to cover their exceptionally creative marketing efforts: Cooking in the Clouds, Walking the Dog, Millennium Tower Lifestyle Video and their Client Appreciation Event.

This week on #IHAQ, we welcomed Jason Highland back for some more marketing tips. Jason previously gave his insights on:

So check those out if you missed them!

On this episode, we talked about how to drive emotion through marketing.

Jason talks about trust being the biggest factor in building successful relationships with his clients. He views his role as a consultant to the client, trying to understand their wants and needs in order to build deep relationship with them.

As you can see from our previous work with O'Connor and Highland, they practice what they preach. They find creative ways to connect with existing and potential clients and show what the O'Connor and Highland brand stands for.

If you make the effort to truly understand what your audience is searching for from your business and market to that need, it's a great way to build emotionally connected, long lasting relationships.