IHAQ- Judi McLaughlin: Written Testimonials

For this week's #IHAQ, we asked Business Storyteller and Copywriter Judi McLaughlin about repurposing video testimonials into written testimonials.

One of our most popular types of content we produce for our clients is video testimonials. A quality video testimonial is a powerful way to show your audience the problem a product solves and its benefits directly from the people who use it.

We asked Judy how companies can repurpose and get more out of these testimonials.

She recommends running the testimonials through a transcription service such as Rev or Otter and pulling the best quotes for repurposing in your newsletter or on your website.

You can use a program such as Canva to make these product endorsements stand out for use in your written marketing campaigns and reach a wider audience.

There is no more hiding from reviews. Most customers will find out how your product works and if people think it's a good investment before buying.

It's important to provide your audience with easy access to the information they are looking for, and repurposing your existing video content is a great way to do just that.