I Have a Question For- Kellan Reck: IGTV

On the latest episode of #IHAQ, we welcomed back Kellan Reck to give his thoughts on the relatively new platform for long form video on Instagram, IGTV.

Instagram is a short form content platform and Kellan is a bit skeptical of the reach one would have just posting long form video content directly to IGTV.

Where IGTV does have an advantage is that you can post a snippet of a video to your main Instagram profile and if the viewer is interested in watching the full length video, they can click through to IGTV. This way, you still have the reach of your Instagram profile, show up on the regular feed and can offer longer form content to those who are interested.

We have found success using IGTV to connect to our followers on Instagram and share our longer form videos. It's a difficult stand alone platform to grow, but the ability to use Instagram as a catalyst to deliver long form video content to our built in audience is a major benefit.