IHAQ- Sarah Ginand: Video in an Effective Marketing Strategy

For our extra-special 50th episode of IHAQ, we welcomed Sarah Ginand, owner of Strategic Marketing Consulting, to give her thoughts on how video contributes to an effective marketing campaign.

Sarah opens by stating that video is one of the best tactics you can use when marketing your company. It's a great way to showcase what you do, what you offer, and what you're about, all in one piece of content.

Next, she shares a story of a recent marketing campaign where they created a 30-second overview video for Tower Hill Botanic Garden. They were then able to repurpose this content into platform-specific snippets of content for each social media platform.

This is one of the biggest advantages of video, and we preach it often to our clients.

The ability to create multiple pieces of content from a single shoot is what sets video apart. It helps you save on budget while creating compelling content that goes on to have a long shelf life.