IHAQ- Stacey Batista: Healthcare Barriers

On today's #IHAQ, we welcomed back healthcare advocate Stacey Batista to discuss the barriers people face when searching for the right healthcare.

Stacey brought up the importance of being prepared for a doctors visit. Establish your goals as a patient ahead of time and prepare any questions you may have for your clinician. Clear communication is key in successful relationships and the patient/doctor relationship is no different.

If you are still not satisfied after establishing a clear line of communication with your doctor, Stacey urges patients to seek out a second opinion or find a new doctor. Not all people work well together and if your patient/doctor relationship is preventing you from receiving the best possible healthcare, it's important to move on and find a better fit.

If you are uncomfortable asking your doctor tough questions there are avenues for help, such as a healthcare advocate, which we discussed last time with Stacey.

You have the power to make sure you are getting the most out of your patient/doctor relationship, so don't let poor communication get in the way of good healthcare.