IHAQ- Stacey Batista: When do you need a Healthcare Advocate?

On today's #IHAQ, we welcomed back healthcare advocate Stacey Batista to talk about when it's the right time for someone to reach out to a healthcare advocate.

A healthcare advocate works for their client to make sure they truly understand their treatment options. The healthcare system is complicated to navigate, especially for certain age groups, so an advocate helps a person ultimately make the best choices for themselves to meet their healthcare goals. This advocate can be a friend or family member, but an experienced voice is needed in some cases.

Stacey recommends reaching out to a healthcare advocate early on in the process. Your family member may not need the service right away, but it's wonderful to connect and know that someone is there for you should a crisis happen.

We work with so many caring individuals and companies in the healthcare industry. It's undoubtedly a complicated industry with many moving parts, which can put a lot of stress on families. Knowing there are so many people out there whose number one priority is patient health and well-being is such a relief.