Insulet Corporation- Advocacy for Access

We recently completed the first round of a suite of videos for Insulet Corporation, makers of the tubeless insulin pump, the OmniPod.

For people living with diabetes, there are a lot of medical supplies you need on a daily basis. This can lead to issues with insurance companies not supporting a specific product that you want or need. Insulet put together a website to support these people in their efforts to advocate for themselves and get what they need, Advocacy for Access.

To help promote the cause and give people inspiration and information on how to advocate, Insulet wanted to produce a suite of videos telling stories from people with diabetes. In the first round of these videos we went to 4 people’s houses and captured their stories. They varied from people living with diabetes themselves to care takers, and each of them brought a unique angle and ideas on how to advocate.

We took a piece of each individual story and created a compilation video that features a bit from each of the participants on advocacy as a lead video. We’ll be adding to this suite on a regular basis. The next batch will come from our shoot last week at the Children with Diabetes, Friends For Life Conference in Orlando.