Insulet Shoot- Video Production Done Remotely

We have done a lot of work with Insulet over the years, located in our backyard in Acton, MA.

For our latest shoot with Insulet, an upcoming video about how a new product came together from coast to coast, we had the challenge of capturing interview footage from both their local office in Acton and their West Coast office in San Diego.

With the current travel and safety restrictions, in order to capture interview footage in San Diego, we partnered with one of our local connections in California to stage, set up and perform the shoot.

We met with our West Coast team members prior to the shoot to fill them in on the project and were able to share our plans for the day with them.

On the day of the shoot, our current remote technology allowed us to be on-site, without actually being there. We were able to direct the entire day, even down to the tiny details such as being able to remote into each camera feed to verify the shots.

We were able to conduct the interviews just like we would if we were there in person and capture all the footage we were looking for.

Our remote capabilities are a great option for when travel isn't possible or necessary for some of our smaller pickup shoots. We are able to connect with people who work all over the country in order to produce the best content possible.