Lindos Sueños

Aside from path8, I work part time on the video production team for the Boston Red Sox. This summer I was fortunate enough to be sent on the annual Lindos Sueños trip.

Lindos Sueños is a program associate with the Red Sox Foundation that sends 10 Dominican teenagers and 10 American teenagers down to the village of El Mamón in the Dominican Republic where they help build 2 houses and also join to form a baseball team.

I was along on the trip to document the work and this is the short documentary I made on the trip. It was truly a special trip to a special place.

El Mamón was unlike anywhere I’ve ever been, it was like walking into a different time period. Houses were very crudely built, the roads were all dirt paths, and there was hardly any electricity. The people however were amazing, they were super kind and welcoming and really enjoy the life that we’d look at as unfortunate.

In the doc, I tried to capture a little of Mamón and its people along with the importance of the trip and the work that Lindos Sueños does.

For more informaion on Lindos Sueños and information on how to donate, visit their website.