I Have a Question for- Craig Bass: Making People Comfortable on Camera

Today on #IHaveAQuestionFor, we talked to Craig Bass from Motion Source about helping people feel comfortable on camera.

We deal with a lot of people who are appearing in produced video content for the first time, so getting people to feel comfortable on camera is extremely important.

Craig describes that the best preparation, may in fact, be lack of preparation. This helps the person on camera to speak naturally and get out of their own head.

He also stresses the importance of blocking off enough time for each interview. An interviewee may not feel as anxious or nervous on camera if they have the time to go back and refine their message naturally with the help of the production team.

We definitely use these tips at every shoot. Helping everyone feel comfortable on camera is always a priority and giving the interview process the time it needs leads to a much better-finished product.