MassEcon: Life Sciences Eco-System

We were thrilled to work with MassEcon again to create a video highlighting Massachusetts as a biotech and life sciences leader for the 2021 BIO Digital convention.

MassEcon is a non-profit organization that helps champion Massachusetts as a place to grow, start or locate a business. The goal of this video was to highlight the state's unparalleled capacity to find, develop, design, build, and operate the best biopharma facilities anywhere in the world.

We interviewed subject experts in all different fields to tell the story of what makes Massachusetts the leader in biopharma and biomanufacturing and share how Massachusetts can help any biotech company starting or relocating a business.

We added in graphics and a lot of great b-roll for this long-form testimonial/informational video. We created a 14-minute video for the conference as well as a shorter 3-minute summary.

Most testimonial videos trend shorter in length, but it is also a great format to use when you need to get a lot of detailed information across to a targeted audience.

MassEcon presented the long version of this video at the BIO Digital convention and hopefully helped attract some new business to the area. Check out the full video below!