MatrixCare 30 Second Corporate Overview

We partnered with MatrixCare and visited their headquarters in January to create a series of brand videos, corporate overviews and company culture highlights all out of a single day of shooting.

This most recent video showcases a brief, but impactful corporate overview that can be used in areas where shorter videos are necessary, while still getting across a powerful message.

In 30 seconds, this video helps show how MatrixCare is leading the way in the EHR (Electronic Health Records) Industry. The video helps showcase their dedication to patient care, innovation and investment in technology and outstanding company culture. All of which lead to providing better care for our loved ones.

Like with MatrixCare, we can create multiple pieces of content for your company out of a single shoot. These different pieces of content can be used by your company in a multitude of different ways, meeting all of your media needs. This truly maximizes the potential of the shoot and the reach of your message.