Matrixcare Brand Video

In preparation for launching their new website, MatrixCare wanted some video content to highlight their brand and culture. We traveled out to their home office in Minnesota in January and created a suite of videos.

The Brand video focuses on MatrixCare as a company, its patient-centric approach, and its dedication to innovation and the work they do. We interviewed about 10 members of their team and it was clear that their brand wasn’t just something written on a values sheet, but something the employees live every day.

With their brand focusing so much on the patient we wanted to include a lot of b-roll of their actual patients. We had filmed a few testimonial videos at their client’s locations and were able to utilize that content to bring their story to life.

Along with the brand and culture videos, which were the main focus of this trip, we were able to create some additional topic videos. We had around 6 hours of interviews for 2, 2-minute videos so there was plenty of great material left on the cutting room floor. Through our subscription program, we created multiple videos that focused on singular topics such as customer service and interoperability.