MatrixCare: Care Runs Deep- Allison

We've produced a lot of work with MatrixCare this year through our subscription program. Before our last shoot, their marketing team came up with the idea for the “Care Runs Deep” campaign.

A majority of their employees as well as their customers had a strong reason for getting into the health care field, an origin story of sorts. This video highlights Allison Rainey's journey into the healthcare field. As the oldest sibling, she grew up taking care of her brothers and sisters. She began working as a nurse in long term care facilities, was drawn to the work and has continued taking care of people as a part of the MatrixCare family.

This type of video content is a great way to recognize employees who do special work, boost engagement and showcase the people that have done the most, especially during these difficult times. We were glad we got to help share Allison's story.