MatrixCare- CareCommunity Connect Animated Explainer

This was a fun project with our friends from MatrixCare. We collaborated to create an Animated Explainer video for their new software platform, CareCommunity Connect.

CareCommunity’s Connect platform makes transitions of care more seamless. With a framework that believes in connecting providers across the care continuum, Connect looks to eliminate the disconnect between hospitals and out-of-hospital care facilities.

We dove into MatrixCare's whitepaper and market research on their new software platform to write the script for this project.

With explainer videos, it's important to demonstrate the problem right off the bat, followed by showcasing how your product/service is a solution to this problem. Next, describe how your product/service works and provide the audience with the most important benefits of using it. Finally, wrap up with a call to action, and you have the basics of explainer scriptwriting.

After we completed the script, it was time to outline and storyboard the animation. We wanted to focus on showing the process of "connecting" on screen. It's always more challenging to demonstrate a technological concept on screen than a physical product or service. But, we were able to portray medical information flowing seamlessly across multiple different care settings through creative animation.

MatrixCare and its sales team will use this video as an introduction to their new product when presenting to potential customers. It will also live on their website and YouTube channel for anyone seeking a solution to electronic health record disconnect.

It was a great start-to-finish project that involved a lot of research, brainstorming, and collaboration that ultimately resulted in a final cut we were really proud of.