MatrixCare HSM Testimonial

One of our clients, ResMed recently acquired MatrixCare. MatrixCare is an Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records software provider. They brought us in to capture a series of testimonials with some of their key accounts. The first was for Healthcare Management Services, located in Glendale, CA.

HMS had great success switching from a paper system to MatrixCare, so it was a perfect story to highlight. We traveled out to LA and captured all of the content over a 1 day shoot. MatrixCare posted this video on their website, social media and showed at their National Sales Meeting.

We’re also using content we captured from this shoot to create shorter topic based videos. Digestible content like that help maximize the content we’re able to create from 1 shoot.

Testimonial videos are great for the content, but one added benefit is getting to spend a full day with a key account. The team from MatrixCare joined us and had some great face to face time with HMS. They were able to get direct feedback on what has worked well and different aspects of the software and process that could be improved.