MatrixCare Inspire Promo

We teamed up with MatrixCare to help promote their virtual conference "Inspire." Inspire is a place where healthcare professionals in the post-acute care space come together to share ideas and discuss the latest trends, changes and innovations in healthcare.

We worked with MatrixCare to create a teaser for the conference and brand the look and feel of the video.

We wanted to show people coming together virtually to connect from all over the country and learn from each other. We animated the dots in the Inspire logo to represent the concept of people/ideas coming from all over and connecting.

Next, we created a longer, more informational video for their attendees to give them a preview of what to expect at the conference.

We used the visual animation concepts and look from the first video and had the conference leaders share a reason why to attend the conference. Wrapping up with a message from keynote speaker, Steve Martin! The speakers were animated into bubbles and those bubbles converge at the Inspire conference, just like in the teaser.

The look and feel of both of these videos are a great example of visual branding. We'll be able to pull from this concept for future videos and continue to help build their brand.