MatrixCare National Senior Health and Fitness Day

May 26th is National Senior Health and Fitness Day. We worked with MatrixCare to create a short social media hit to help give thanks to the caregivers who work so hard to keep our seniors happy, healthy, and moving.

We edited together footage from our past shoots with MatrixCare along with stock clips to showcase caregivers leading our seniors in exercise and activities. We added motion text and a catchy tune to finish the quick 15-second video.

MatrixCare shared this video on their website and over their social media channels to help bring awareness to National Senior Health and Fitness Day and show their gratitude for the people who keep our loved ones healthy.

These videos may not seem like much, but they go a long way in showing appreciation for the people who use your product to help so many others. This Holiday Thank You video we created with them in December got overwhelming praise from their customers.

Every video doesn't have to showcase a new product or feature. Sometimes it's as effective to say thank you or promote a good cause. It's also a great way for your organization to repurpose video content and get multiple uses and rounds of engagement out of existing content.