MatrixCare Palliative Care

We teamed up with our friends at MatrixCare to help promote their palliative care software. MatrixCare's electronic health record software helps care providers maintain accurate patient medication profiles. This is especially important for home care patients who are dealing with a serious illness.

Although we have resumed in-person shoots, sometimes it still makes sense to conduct remote interviews depending on the scope of the project. Thanks to the help of an awesome program, Open Reel, we are able to capture and direct high-quality, professional video remotely. We interviewed Nick and Jessica remotely at the comfort of their home offices and were thrilled with how the footage came out.

We used the interviews to create a series of videos showcasing the software features and answering potential client questions. We added in b-roll, graphics, and a few relevant answers from past interviews to round out the videos.

Custom graphics can really make a standard interview-based, or testimonial video pop on screen. MatrixCare's sales team will use these in conjunction with their marketing department to inform and capture more palliative care clients.

Check out the series of videos below!