IHAQ: Sidney Baptista- Mission Driven Business

On today's episode of I Have a Question For, we asked Sidney Baptista about the importance of having a mission driven business. Sidney recently launched and successfully funded his mission driven, Performance Streetwear company, PYNRS.

PYNRS is a Performance Streetwear brand championing community, culture, and diversity through technical running apparel. We combine streetwear design concepts and high-performance fabrics made of recycled materials for runners and fitness enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes in city centers around the world.

Sidney started PYRNS because championing community, culture and diversity through running is something he believes in. His mission keeps him engaged with his work and he looks at the work day as contributing towards his mission, rather than something he has to do.

Mission driven businesses have better engagement levels with employees and consumers alike. Having something you stand for and believe in is a great way to successfully build a brand and a loyal audience.

PYRNS has done an awesome job spreading their message and using their mission statement to build their business and help solve the problem. Check out more about PYRNS's mission and why Sidney turned it into a business here.