Northeastern University Police Department Recruiting Video

The Northeastern University Police Department came to us looking for a recruiting video. Their Police Department is different than most traditional PDs and they wanted to highlight that in order to attract the unique individuals they want to attract.

There are a ton of very well produced police recruiting videos that we reviewed with them. These highlight aspects of the job like guns, drug busts and car chases. The NUPD team is all about self-betterment. They want officers who have goals and ideas and they want to be the department that helps them reach those.

We worked closely with the Chief and his staff to highlight a variety of members of their team. We conducted pre-interviews and used those to build a script. We then went back and had the officer’s re-record their own words as a voice over. We spent a few days filming b-roll around campus which covers all of the various jobs these officers do.

Aside from this video we also created 7 videos, one for each of their units, explaining what they do.

In the end we were able to create a different type of police recruiting video for a different type of police department.