O'Connor and Highland: Millennium Tower Lifestyle Video

We've worked with O'Connor and Highland on numerous projects in the past including their Walk the Dog Series and Event Recap videos. They recently listed 1 Franklin St Unit 5403 in Boston's Millennium Tower.

This unit was empty so they wanted a way to showcase the area around the building as well as what the unit could look like. We created a lifestyle video that starts with showing some of the highlights that are in walking distance of the unit. Then we worked with a virtual stager to "stage" the room with furniture. We worked this into the storyline by having the prospective buyers meet with an interior designer who was showing them ideas on how the unit could be set up.

This project was a fresh take that is different than the typical real estate video. O'Connor and Highland is always looking for different ways of doing things that separate themselves from their competition. While lifestyle videos aren't unique just to them, it's one piece of the marketing puzzle they put together to find the right buyer for this unit.