O'Connor & Highland: Creativity Recap

What sets O'Connor and Highland apart in terms of real estate marketing is their creativity. Earlier this year, we worked with them to promote their listing in the Millennium Tower by creating a lifestyle video and covering their live event, Cooking in the Clouds.

This time, we teamed up with O'Connor & Highland to create this 60-second sizzle recap video to show all the different ways they marketed their exclusive listing in the Millennium Tower.

All companies say that they go above and beyond for their clients, but O'Connor & Highland wanted to go further and actually show clients how their creative marketing efforts make a real difference.

This video shows the impact of their work as their listing in the Millennium Tower sold in only 40-days.

They can use this video to show potential clients and prove just how far they will go to promote a property. It's another great example of how to re-purpose existing content and get the most out of your video marketing.