OmniPod Horizon System

Insulet Corporation, makers of the OmniPod is preparing to release a new version of their system, the Horizon System. The Horizon system will really be revolutionary in the world of diabetes. It creates a closed loop in which the device measures how much insulin the patient needs and delivers it automatically, like an artificial pancreas. In preparing for the release they wanted a video to not only get people excited about the new system, but to show all of the hard work and dedication of their employees in making this dream a reality.

They wanted to create this video in time for the Children With Diabetes Conference to unveil at a speaking event they had planned. The only day they could do the shoot was 4 days before the event.

With medical device and all healthcare companies the review process for videos is rather lengthy. Especially in a video like this where people are talking about a product that’s not even out yet, the company has to be really careful what they say and how they say it. So in order for the video to be able to get through the review process in time, they needed a next day turnaround on the edit.

To get this done we had a full day shoot capturing all of the interviews and broll and then brought it back and went to work. We pulled an all nighter and were able to get the edit complete in time. They debuted it at the event and it was a big hit.

One of their patients sent this email to the OmniPod Marketing team:

I am writing to say a heartfelt thanks to you and the people at Insulet who are so committed to developing innovation technology to help people with Type 1 diabetes. Your video was particularly touching for me since I found out two years ago that my daughter who was 19 at the time has diabetes. Finally, I get to see the faces and hear the voices of some of the people who are making a big difference in the lives of people with this disease.

Seeing a message like that really makes all of the hard work worth it. The employees of the company are working day in and day out to make this happen. I’m glad we were able to help show that to their patients. This video is capped off by my favorite ending of a video we’ve done. It’s a quote from an Insulet employee who is also the father of a Podder. From when he said it in the room to now on my 500th view, I still get teary eyed.