Omnipod Wedding Testimonial

This is one of the most unique and exciting testimonials that we have had the opportunity to capture.

Insulet was invited by Kate Hall-Harnden to be a part of her special day and capture marketing materials for their product, the Omnipod. The Omnipod is a tubeless, wireless insulin management system that lets users experience more freedom with fewer daily hassles.

Kate is a national long jump champion, and an avid "podder." Her diabetes is a big part of her life, and despite the fact that the Omnipod can be hidden, she chose to show it off on her wedding day.

This shows just how important the Omnipod is to her daily life. It was a fantastic opportunity to capture some great product footage, user testimonials, and photos of the product being used during one of the most important days of her life.

We captured all of the video and photos from the day and put together a 90-second testimonial, a 30-second testimonial, and a short 15-second spot for social media ads.

A testimonial filmed in a unique setting stands out and gives more impact to the stories about the product. The Omnipod simplifies life for people living with diabetes. Being able to capture it during such an important event was an awesome opportunity to show how the Omnipod has a positive and real impact on its users' lives.