IHAQ- Carlos Bido: Online Video Distribution

For Today's #IHAQ, we had Carlos Bido from 10x10 Studios back to talk about distributing videos online and how companies can maximize their marketing strategy.

There are a lot of platforms to consider and many ways to attract eyeballs. Carlos states that the most important aspect to consider is the shelf life of the video. Is this a new product introduction or time-sensitive promotion, or is the video something that will live on and represent your company for years to come?

Platforms such as YouTube and Facebook are great for videos that answer a question and draw organic traffic. These videos will continue to draw views and remain relevant years down the road, especially if they meet search intent.

For videos that need views quickly, it's a great idea to go the advertising route.

Carlos gives a great tip that marketers and aware of, but the audience may not be. Your advertisement is interrupting someone's attention. It is not content they intended to watch.

To gain the viewer's attention and not waste your advertising money, the video needs to stand out and grab attention right away. You need a hook. Take a look at the best 25 ads of last year. Nearly all of them start with an awesome hook.

You want to make content that people are seeking out, or content that will grab the attention of your intended audience.