PAARI Fentanyl Safety Training Video

PAARI is national program doing their part to fight the disease of addiction. They partner with law enforcement agencies nationwide to create non-arrest pathways to treatment and recovery.

We helped PAARI create this Fentanyl Safety Training Video to help educate police officers on Fentanyl. We interviewed Sergeant Sarko Gergerian from the Winthrop Police Department and Wilson Palacios, Ph.D. to dispel some common myths about Fentanyl, show how to protect police officers in the field, and help train them to be in the best position to diagnose, treat and prevent a potentially fatal overdose.

We were able to add graphics and text to this training content to help highlight the message and make the training more engaging. This training video will be played for law enforcement agencies around the country to help PAARI train police officers to be safe, save lives and help fight back against addiction. We were proud to partner with PAARI and play a tiny part in helping out their cause.