PAARI: How to use a Fentanyl Test Strip

PAARI has begun a year-long project, partnering with police departments, to determine how Fentanyl test strip kits can be used by local PD to engage with individuals and help connect them to treatment and recovery systems.

We partnered with them to create a program overview and this explainer video which shows individuals how to use the Fentanyl Test strips.

PAARI had a recovery coach provide step-by-step training, and we assisted with different texts and graphics to highlight the key points. We filmed an English and Spanish version, and PAARI made the training videos available for anyone who receives a test strip kit.

The program has a huge emphasis on outreach. PAARI hopes that passing out the kits will help local PD start conversations, build trust and get people to use their resources to start recovery.

PAARI's goal is to save lives and fight the disease of addiction, and we're glad to help them whenever we can.