IHAQ- Sarah Ginand: Small Business Marketing Strategy

On today's episode of #IHAQ, we welcomed Sarah Ginand, owner of Strategic Marketing Consulting, to listen to her advice on starting a small business marketing campaign. Sarah discussed her 3 most important aspects to consider when developing a marketing strategy.

First, what is your market and where are you in that market?

Second, think about what sets your business apart. What is it that you do differently than any other business out there, especially your competitors in your target market?

And Third, who are the people that you really want to be your customers?

Once you determine where you stand in your industry, know what you do well and can sell to others, and figure out who those people are, you have the foundation for a successful marketing campaign.

Too many small businesses generically market their services. Knowing the true value your business brings to your customers makes all the difference in the world between a run-of-the-mill marketing campaign and one that delivers results.