The 100 Club of Massachusetts: Bfit Challenge Promos

We were introduced to the 100 Club of Massachusetts 3 years ago when they were looking for a video team to cover their annual Bfit Challenge fundraising event. We’ve done many projects with them sense and always enjoy being able to spread the word of the amazing work they do. In preparation for this years Bfit event we put together two promotional videos.

Re-purposing footage from the last 2 events we covered we put together two different spots. One of the promos, Who will you run for? Focuses on the stories of the first responders and their families who were helped by the 100 Club. The other promo focuses on the Mission of the 100 Club and tells how it helps the first responders and their families.

We’re looking forward to the event on Jan 26th this year. If you’re interested in participating or donating to this year’s event you can do so on their website.